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  Shaoxing jianhu lake golf team by hand in hand together to build green city group jianhu lake · blue bay golf club, located in clear water bay resort hainan eastern, face the sea back mountain, north depends on nine ridge forest park, south near the south China sea, sit to hug pearl coast 2 km coastline absolutely beautiful.

  Jianhu lake · blue bay by JMP still-Mark E. Hollinger (marc khodorkovsky ling) landscape design, stadium covers an area of 1300 mu, the length of the fairway 7555 yards, 72 pars. In the clear water bay coastal beach, stadium move feeling relief preserve natural sand dunes, times SanJiaoMei graft, love grass...... Cleverly LinKeSi stadium elements and the tropical beach landscape is an organic whole, present a unique and exquisite perfect tropical flower garden cox stadium. Here, rolling green, fairway tiny terrain and shape like a gentle dignified bunker is the master key of success or failure.

  Large area landscape sand, give unique landscape of desert golf course, low maintenance lawn management mode to minimize the use of water, the design practice link low carbon environmental protection concept; Cut the grass of the vegetable faults and trim the petals of the branch, falling leaves...... All plants are all return to do organic fertilizers; Select landscape plant varieties, wasted a lot of efforts SanJiaoMei this barren resistance for dry conditions, the plants, now it has 11 varieties of SanJiaoMei took root in the stadium; Club plumbing system USES more energy than the solar energy air source heat pump, without any burning discharge content, realize zero emissions, on the surrounding air environment did not affect the; Advocate low consumption lifestyle......

  A series of environmental protection, low carbon and recycling method, only for the stadium tomorrow still natural environment, pure.

  "Jianhu lake · blue bay golf is opening six years later jianhu lake shaoxing second club, lasted four years, at the time, money, cost and into. Meticulously inside this ocean, warm winter blossom, air and sunshine, the blue sky, blue sea, beach, coconut trees, all kinds of food a complete reversal of you now way of life, our for the love of golf successful people create a xanadu type of physical and mental care places.

  Sincere love nature, love golf welcome friends, we are a lifetime pursuit your highest satisfaction. "